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The Fantasy/Animation blog presents short pieces that we hope will start new conversations that explore all aspects concerning the relationship between fantasy and animation. Whether you are an academic, screenwriter, practitioner, artist, curator, member of a fan organisation, director or anyone with a vested interest in where fantasy and animation meet, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for posts between approximately 500-1000 words (we publish four posts per month) that fit under the following categories: 

- a short editorial - these are short opinion pieces in which you advance an argument, offer an interpretation of (or reflection) on an idea or concept, which connects fantasy and animation together. From reflections on creative practice to philosophical readings of animated fantasy films, the aim of these editorials is to kickstart new topics for discussion and initiate avenues for exploration. Editorials tend to be commissioned a few months in advance of publication, so get in touch via the Contact Us tab above and let us know your ideas.

- sequence analysis - this is your chance to get obsessive! Pick a short clip from any example of fantasy/animation (maximum 3 minutes), and analyse the relationship between fantasy and animation in your chosen sequence. Get as specific and detailed as you like.

film, tv and book reviews - these function as traditional reviews, but with a twist. Rather than a star rating simply telling us whether a film, television programme or book is good or bad, we are interested in how the relationship between fantasy and animation is negotiated implicitly through storytelling or explicitly through its arguments. These reviews are necessarily topical, so keep your eye on the latest release dates*, new publications (both popular and academic), as well as digital or streaming releases. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with just a few weeks’ notice telling us what you would be interested in reviewing (*we tend to follow U.K. release dates, but would be open to other international release schedules).


event, conference and festival reports - if you have attended any recent events, or are planning on taking part in anything from an academic conference or symposium to a film festival or fan meet-up, then we would love to hear about it. The event itself doesn’t have to be explicitly about fantasy or animation (though, of course, that would be great too!). Rather we are interested in how you felt the questions, discussion topics and debates raised at the event spoke to readers of fantasy/animation, or offer up different ways of thinking about the animated fantasy.

If you have ideas for blog post, or want to suggest other possible formats for content (interviews/Q&As, pieces to camera, video essays, audio clips), then please do get in touch via the Contact Us tab above and let us know the type of post under which it fits. We also welcome suggestions from contributors for potential themes that can generate discussion and provide a valuable resource to those working in the fields of fantasy, animation and beyond. Posts are encouraged to include links to videos and images, as well as 3-4 keywords that relate to the themes and focus your post.